Money Saving Tips for Back to School Shopping

Money Saving Tips for Back to School Shopping

Summer's almost over, and it's about time to start thinking about back to school shopping for clothes and supplies. We've pulled together some tips and suggestions to help you keep more in your pocket while shopping this month. Our friends at CUNA Money Mix have a list of tips for shopping for new clothes

School supplies
Before you hit the stores for your school supplies, consider these money saving ideas first:

Get Organized: Create a game plan and know what you need before you leave. Take an inventory of what you have left over from last year. Make a list and stick to it!

Check Weekly Sales: The Sunday papers are chock full of great circulars and coupons. Use them! 

Shop at the Dollar Stores: Folders, pens, pencils, paper, etc. are all supplies you can find for a buck! You might be amazed at the items and deals you will find at your nearest dollar stores.

Check Coupon Sites and Blogs: Before you hit the stores, be sure to check the web for great coupons and deals. These sites offer printable savings and they can also provide more links to additional savings. 

Shop Online: Sites such as and will clue you in to the best deals, coupon codes and provide you rebates when you shop through their sites. Retailers such as Old Navy and Target offer subscribers of their email lists extra discounts, free shipping, and special deals. 

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