To Buy...or Not to Buy?

Spending money comes easy to all of us, which is why it’s important to track what you spend, the types of things you are buying, and how often you buy.  Good spenders are careful with their money and think before making a purchase. Becoming a smart spender will help you make the money you've earned go farther. Sounds like a simple concept right? It’s important to be educated on ways to save AND spend more wisely. To resist impulse purchases, stop and think before you buy!

Ask yourself these questions before splurging on something you might not really need:
1.       Do I really need this item?
2.       If I don't need it, why do I really want it?
3.       Am I sure that I'll actually use it/wear it?
4.       If I buy it now, will I have enough money for other expenses later on this week, or in the coming month(s)?
5.       Will this purchase keep me from paying off any current debts I have?
6.       What would the risk be if I waited to make the purchase later on, in order to think about it a little bit more?
7.       What are the chances this item might go on sale soon?
8.       Could I find this item somewhere else for less?
9.       Could I find an item like this, but without a brand name? It will probably cost less!

10.   How much of my time will this purchase end up costing me? 

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